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"Political Reporter Beth Harpaz on covering Hilary Clinton's Senate Campaign", 30 min., Prime Time News Doc, ARD

These are a few excerpts from a longer profile on Hilary Clinton's 2000 campaign for Senate. AP Political writer Beth Harpaz shares her insider's take of the campaign which she also writes about in her book, "The Girls on the Van: Covering Hilary".  Beth remains one of my most amusing interview subjects. I actually had to bite my lips not to ruin the sound track. If you look at the first shot in the sequence, you can glimpse me and my then 3 year old daughter at a Hilary presser. I am requesting an interview with Mrs. Clinton which alas she did not grant. (She never does for foreign press.) Beth, however, was impressed by my chutzpah at bringing my daughter to the press conference. She told me that Hilary knew everyone in the press core and would come straight over to me to see who I was and what I wanted. That was precisely what happened. But the business of bringing my daughter was more desperation than a ploy. My babysitting arrangement fell through and I figured if anyone would understand, it should be Candidate Clinton. She did and it all worked out .