Sosua Trailer Refugee Kids Trailer Showcase Schools
Creating Shared Experiences Making Thinking Visible Developing Literacy
The Work of Play A Culture of Reading Student Voice
Expanding the School Day Empowering Families A Culture of Literacy
Renée Silverman Faiths of Flushing Woody Allen Interview
Polar Bears in Alaska The Apollo Theater NYC Workfare
Fragile Balance Evolution / Creationism High Speed NY
Plaza Hotel NYC Prosthetic Technology Crack Epidemic NY
Teachers Academy NYC Subway Hillary Clinton 2000
Mosquito Other Islands Deep Water

Refugee Kids: One Small School Takes on the World
with Peter Miller, 2014
Winner - Best Juried Short, Teaneck International Film Festival 2014
Cleveland International Film Festival 2014
Emily Griffith Film Festival 2014

Sosúa: Make a Better World
with Peter Miller, 2012.
World Premiere - Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2012
Facing History; Yad Vashem Permanent Video Collection, 2013
WNET TV + numerous PBS affiliates, 2013 ongoing
Westchester Jewish Film Festival, 2013
Cinema Las Americas Film Festival 2013
Utopia Film Festival, 2013
National Museum of Jewish History among many others, 2013

Showcase Schools
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2015

Creating Shared Experiences
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2016

Making Thinking Visible
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2016

Developing Literacy
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2015

The Work of Play
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2015

A Culture of Reading
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2015

Student Voice
Showcase Schools, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2015

Expanding the School Day
MSQI, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2016

Empowering Families
MSQI, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2016

A Culture of Literacy
MSQI, with Peter Miller NYC Department of Education, 2016

Other Islands
16mm short. 1993
Distributed by Forefront Films
Winner: Best Dramatic Short, Long Island Film Festival 1994
International Festival of Women’s Film, Belarus 1995
Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema 1995
Cinesisters Film Festival Germany 1995
Network Broadcast in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway 1995

Deep Water
16mm short. 1996
Distributed by Forefront Films
Finalist: USA Film Festival 1997
Long Island Film Festival 1997
Austin Film Festival 1997

8mm Music Video. 2006 Director/Producer
Written and performed by Jane LeCroy
Director of Photography: Peter Miller

Faiths of Flushing, Newsmagazine, ARD 2014
Fracking in the US, Feature Doc, ARD 2014
Makers: Women who Make America, Archival Producer, Makers website 2013
Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, Archival Producer, PBS 2013
The Carlyle Report: Former Presidents and the Lobbyists, ZDF 2008
Hilary Clinton Profile, Feature Doc, ARD 2007
Alaska’s Polar Bears and Global Warming, Newsmagazine, ARD 2007 [also, Click here to read an article by Renée Silverman]
Melting Glaciers and Global Warming, Newsmagazine, ARD 2007
CIA charged with Torture and Rendition of British Subject, Newsmagazine, ARD 2005
Pastor John Hagee, The Apocalypse and US Fundamentalism, Newsmagazine, ARD 2005
Creationism vs. Evolution and the School Board of Dover PA, Newsmagazine, ARD 2005
Gangs of Newark, Newsmagazine, Focus TV 2005
Iraq War Resisters, Newsmagazine, ARD 2005
Woody Allen Interview, Newsmagazine, ZDF 2005 [also, Click here to read Woody and Me by Renée Silverman]
The Grace Kelly Story, Feature Doc, ZDF 2004
Presidential Conventions, Feature Doc, ZDF 2004
US Media Bias and the War in Iraq, Newsmagazine, ZDF 2004
From Zero to 24k: Training for the New York Marathon, 3-Part Series, ARD 2004
New York High Speed Society, Feature Doc, ARD 2004
Making of the ‘Eruv’ - A Jewish Tradition Shapes a New Jersey Town, Short Doc, Berlin Film Festival, Focus TV 2004
A Very Social History of New York’s Plaza Hotel: Great Hotels of the World Series, Feature Doc, ARD 2002
9-11- One Year Later, Newsmagazine, ZDF 2002
Fragile Balance, The Maternity Ward Series, Feature Doc, TLC 2001
9-11 Trauma at Borough of Manhattan Community College, Newsmagazine, ARD 2001
9-11 Native American Steelworkers Dismantle Towers They Built, Newsmagazine, ARD 2001
Rescue One – Portrait of a New York City Fire House, Feature Doc, ARD 1999
Holocaust Slave Labor Class Action Lawsuits against Germany, Newsmagazine, ARD 1998
Sports and Big Money, feature doc, Feature Doc, ARD 1997
Prosthetic Technology, Newsmagazine, Winner of Best Short in New York Festival of Festivals, Focus TV 1997
New Technologies in Police Detective Work, Newsmagazine, Focus TV 1997
Crack Epidemic in New York, Newsmagazine - Focus TV 1996

2015 ARD

UN Fires Whistleblower who Exposes Sexual Exploitation of Children in Central African Republic
Hilary Clinton Announces Run for Presidency
Slain Police Officers in Brooklyn
Sponge Bob Red Carpet
International Emmys Red Carpet

2014 ARD

Rapping Monks in the Bronx
Sting on Broadway
Ebola Quarantine in NY
Russian Hackers
UN on Gaza, Ukraine and Syria
Hitchhiking Robots
Rise of Heroin Addiction
Openly Gay Basketball Player

United Nations Stake-Out Videos

UN General Secretary Kofi Annan
Secretary of State, Madeilene Albright
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (in German)
German Secretary of State Joschka Fischer (in German) among many others

Some Additional Stories:

Boston Bombing, Breaking News, ARD 2013
Hurricane Sandy, Breaking News, ARD 2012
Obama Election, ARD 20012
Water for Elephants Red Carpet Interview with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, ARD 2011
War Horse Red Carpet, ARD 2011
Teachers Academy, CUNY Promo 2008
Interviews with Tony Bennett and Kevin Spacey, AARP Promo 2008
US Soldier’s Speak out Against Iraq, ARD 2007
Dior Fashion Show Red Carpet Interview with Charlene Theron, Fashion TV 2007
Detroit Auto Show, ARD 2006
New York City Subway 100th Anniversary, ZDF 2004
Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary, ZDF 2004
Presidential Elections, ZDF 2004
Republican Convention, ZDF 2004
Democratic Convention, ZDF 2004
Brown Bears in the Suburbs, ARD 2003
Presidential Elections, ARD 2000
Hillary Clinton Senate Campaign, ARD 2000
Sleepy Hollow Press Junket Interviews with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, ARD 2000
Antz Press Junket Interviews with Danny Glover, Gene Hackman, ARD 1998
Gun Control Class Action Law Suit, ARD 1998

The Sticky Fingers of Time
Script Supervisor. 1997

Assistant and Translator for Director Jerry Schatzberg, 1989

Bloodhounds of Broadway
Production Assistant, 1989

Deadly Force: The Miami Swat Team, Channel Four UK 1991
Fallen Angel: The Rise and Fall of Michael Milken, Channel Four UK 1989
Rocket Science at NASA, Nippon TV 1989
The Business of Biotechnology, Nippon TV 1988
Parapsychology, Nippon TV 1988

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