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"Polar Bears and Global Warming in Alaska", 8 min., Weltspiegel, ARD Primetime News magazine

This is an excerpt from a story on climate change and its impact on the polar bear population of Alaska. Having documented the polar bear population for over twehty five years, researchers  have detected significant declines in the survival rates for cubs and the overall size of the bears in the past two to three years. They have also witnessed unprecedented instances of bear cannibalism which have never been seen before in the history of field observations.

 In addition to the polar bear story, I also produced a report on the thinning of the arctic ice and the melting of the glaciers. This story was also chosen to be the lead story  on 'Weltspiegel'. A third report on 'Global Warming in Alaska' covered both topics and was broadcast as a half hour documentary on a program that is comparable to PBS Frontline.

 Our production was even effected by global warming. Because the air was unseasonably warm, we were grounded by thick fog for four days before our helicopter pilot  had enough visibility to fly. To read more about my Alaska shoot click here to see my article for ZAP.